Interconnect Receiver

The Interconnect Receiver Function is used to collect data that is forwarded by an Interconnect Sender from another stream. 

For example, consider a stream shown below containing an Interconnect Receiver and a Log Function. This stream collects incoming data from a stream that sends output data using an Interconnect Sender. 

The name of the stream with the Interconnect Receiver must be provided in the configuration of the Interconnect Sender to connect both two streams. You can also copy the name from the configuration of the Interconnect Receiver and paste it in the Forward data to stream option in the configuration of the Interconnect Sender.


  • The Interconnect Receiver receives data in the same order in which it is processed by the Interconnect Sender.
  • An Interconnect Receiver can receive output data from multiple Interconnect Senders but the Stream Interconnect feature only works if all the streams involved are part of the same Solution.