The Hash Function is designed to mask chosen data by the user, making it unreadable. This is done by hashing the data using a standard algorithm, based on the preference of the user. This is a one-way transformation and the original payload cannot be recovered when hashed.

Supported value types are string, number, boolean, and date

This functionality can be used to supply data output that has to be processed outside of the stream without providing certain types of sensitive data in cleartext. Such provisions are used in situations where data protection regulations apply.


The Hash node is enabled when the fields to be mapped are chosen from the Fields drop-down list. Multiple fields can be selected at once. 

Algorithm selection is possible and currently, the following hashing methods are supported:

  • SHA-256 (default)
  • SHA-1
  • MD5 (considered insecure)

During configuration, the Preview option enables users to view the hashed output of the selected fields.