In Usage Engine, solutions are created to contain streams. The streams in a solution are often related in some way, functionally or otherwise.

Usage Engine currently supports a maximum of 20 solutions per account and 50 streams per solution.

For information on streams, see Solutions.

Solutions Overview

After logging into Usage Engine, you are directed to the Solutions overview. This page displays all solutions created within your current account. On each solution card, you will see the name of the solution, the number of streams in that solution, and how many of them are currently scheduled, running, or have failed. You also have the option to edit or delete a solution. By default, the solutions are sorted in alphabetical order.

Solutions Overview

Creating a Solution

To create a new solution, click  and enter the name of the solution and select a color for the icon. Once a solution is created, you can create a stream, or import an existing stream or example stream. See Streams for more information. 

Solutions overview - with no solution created

See Streams View for more information on these options.

Editing a Solution

Click Edit to modify the name and the color associated with that solution.

Edit Solution

Deleting a Solution

Click Delete to permanently delete a solution. The delete option removes the solution and all streams inside that solution.

Deleting a Solution

When trying to delete a solution that uses an aggregator Function, a warning is displayed and you will not be able to proceed with the deletion. You must always remove all active sessions from the aggregation before deleting them.