Salesforce Query

The Salesforce Query Function is used to query Salesforce Objects. This Function is a processor. 

The Function is compatible with Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL). The select statement only supports the SELECT keyword. You can type a query for one or several specific fields from Salesforce Object. Once logged in, Objects and fields are found in Salesforce web site.


The configuration of the Salesforce Query function has three main parts: Tenant, OAuth Credentials, SOQL Select Statement, and Cache Settings.


In Environment, the Tenant drop-down menu allows users to select their tenant environment. Currently, the following options are available:

  • Salesforce Production
  • Salesforce Sandbox
  • Custom

By default the URL fields for the Production and Sandbox tenant environments are not editable. Selecting the Custom option lets you set a custom URL for accessing the environment. 

OAuth Credentials

In OAuth Credentials, specify the following fields:

  • Client ID (Consumer Key)
  • Client Secret (Consumer Secret)
  • Username
  • Password


You can also use the Secrets Wallet toggle button to select a predefined Salesforce secret from your Secrets Wallet.

SOQL Select Statement

Input the desired Select statement complying to SOQL.

You can also specify a Result Key, for example soqlResult.


When using preview on a large result, only the first 2000 records are shown. The actual result is complete, regardless of size.

Cache Settings

Select the Enable cache checkbox to activate the cache. Once enabled, set Maximum items in cache to determine the number of items you want to store in the cache. Setting the value to 0 (zero), sets an unlimited cache size.

Use Items are removed from cache after to set the number of seconds before the cache is cleared.


The example below shows all configuration fields filled in: