GoTransverse Query


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The GoTransverse Query Function is a processor which is used to query data from GoTransverse deployments using specified options and parameters. You can query records and further process them using the available functions in Usage Engine.

To configure the GoTransverse GoTransverse Query Function fill in the mandatory fields in the Configuration with the required information. 

Environment Section

You select the Tenant by selecting one of the available options: 

Tenant TypeDescription
GoTransverse API SandboxSelect this option to specify GoTransverse API Sandbox tenant for test configurations and other related use cases.
GoTransverse API ProductionSelect this option to specify GoTransverse API Production tenant. 
CustomEnter a custom tenant URL. 

GoTransverse Credentials Section

Enter the Secret Access Key in the designated field. Optionally, you can also enable Secrets Wallet to enter the credentials.

Query Parameters Section

Query Parameters

Open the Configurations tab to enter the desired Query options using the dropdown menu. For each query option, there are different queries that can be selected by entering a Key and Value in the fields. Select the appropriate option and then add the parameter using the Add query parameter. 

Query OptionsDescriptionKey Query Options
GET Billing Accounts - All

Select this option to retrieve a subset of existing billing accounts

account_num, filter, id, return, status
GET Usage Lookup Tables - AllSelect this option to retrieve a subset of existing usage lookup tables

filter, id, name, return, status

Get Usage Lookup Tables Entries - Specific IDSelect this option to Retrieve an existing usage lookup table entry associated with the specified usage lookup table and entry IDs

filter, id, name, return, status

Operational Settings 

This section contains settings that can be optionally set to adjust the GoTransverse Function behavior. You can toggle on the Retry on fail functionality, allowing the service to retry the operation when an error has occurred. You can specify the number of retries in the Number of retries box. They will be attempted inside the dynamically adjusted period of retry time. You can choose to either Ignore or Stop the stream when an error is detected.  

Use Case Scenario

The Retry on fail functionality can be used when servers respond with error codes such as 500 or 503 due to intermittent server issues. The retry on fail option allows users to retry sending the requests a set number of times. This is only useful for 5xx error codes.

Operational Settings Section