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This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Support for “wfexport”, “wfimport” and “desktopadmin” mzsh commands

  • Support for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2

  • Support for GTP Prime Version 15 and Higher

as well as number of bug fixes, see Bug Fixes for more details.

Please check out the Release Information here for more details: MediationZone 9.1 Release.

The release can be accessed from InfoZone: Release Information.

During the latest quarter, we have released the following new capabilities:

Usage Metering

Usage Metering enables business models where customers are charged based on the usage of a product or service. It helps companies launch and optimize usage-based billing by providing accurate and detailed usage summary records to the billing system.

Usage Metering in Usage Engine Cloud Edition is a purpose-built software that solves complex usage-based billing problems that require advanced usage data management and metering capabilities. It measures the usage of assets, transactions, and events over different time periods without the need to replace existing billing or ERP systems.

Usage Metering collects usage data from operational systems and meters usage over a billing period. When a billing period ends, the metered data is sent to the billing or ERP system as usage summaries. Usage Metering also provides standard APIs and an intuitive graphical user interface for managing and accessing all metering-related information, which reduces time-to-value as well as technical complexity.

Usage metering view.png

See Usage Metering and https://www.digitalroute.com/usage-metering/ for more details.

Kafka Producer

In the April 2024 release update, we introduced the Kafka Consumer function to retrieve distributed messages from Kafka topics to process in your streams. Now, we are introducing the Kafka Producer function in the Usage Engine Cloud Edition’s integrated function library to easily send messages to Kafka brokers.

With the Kafka Producer function, you can select the topics you want to send messages to or send them to new topics that you create by entering the name of the topic in the function.

Additional Capabilities 

  • Partition options - The messages can be sent using one of three available partition options:

    • Default round-robin that distributes all messages to all available partitions

    • Sending messages to specific partitions using their respective partition IDs

    • Sending messages to partitions using the partition key

  • Gzip compression - The Kafka Producer also allows the messages to be compressed before they are sent to the Kafka broker, reducing storage consumption in the Kafka broker.

See Kafka Producer for more details.

SAP HANA database forwarder

SAP HANA is a multi-model, column-oriented in-memory database that allows you to run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions in a single system, which is useful when processing massive amounts of data with near-zero latency.

With the SAP HANA database forwarder, you can send processed data from your stream to a SAP HANA database. This is a dedicated forwarder function in Usage Engine Cloud Edition, where you can use the SQL Editor to write statements for updating, inserting, or deleting data in a SAP HANA database.

See SAP HANA Database for more details.


We hope you enjoy these new capabilities. As always, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our Self Service Portal.

This release contains a number of bug fixes relating to:

  • Credential handling

  • Configuration issues

  • Display and documentation issues

  • Upgraded 3pps to remove detected vulnerabilities

among other things, see Bug Fixes for more details.

Please check out the Release Information here for more details: MediationZone 9.2 Release.

The release can be accessed by following the information in Release Information.



If you need to get in contact with our Support desk, please see our Support Web User Guide.