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This release contains:

  • Fix for imports using the systemimport command with the -select flag

Please check out the Release Information here for more details: Usage Engine 2.1.7 Release .

The release can be accessed from InfoZone: Release Information.


During the latest quarter, we have released new capabilities and substantial enhancements in these areas:

The Zuora Usage File Forwarder

With the Zuora Usage File forwarder, you can send usage records as file(s) to the Zuora billing system. In addition, Active Rating is supported, which is useful for Zuora users who already have this feature enabled.

Main Functionality of the Zuora Usage File Forwarder

The Zuora Usage File Forwarder sends large datasets of usage records as a file or multiple files to the Zuora billing system in a single stream transaction. The size of the usage records determines if one or more files are sent. Once the file(s) are received and accepted by Zuora, the billing system will then process the records in due time.

Additional Capabilities

The Zuora Usage File Forwarder also has the following capabilities:

  • Interconnect Setting - There is a built-in Interconnect function within Zuora Usage File Forwarder function. When you enable interconnect in the Zuora Usage File Forwarder, the forwarder sends the file details and session ID returned by the Zuora billing system to a subsequent stream. This allows you to track the processing of usage records in the Zuora billing system.

  • Auto-populated field values - There are now pre-configured values available for selection in the Tenant field. If you select any of the existing Zuora environments in the Tenant fie, the connection details, like the connection URL, are automatically populated in the configuration.

  • Pre-configured Mandatory and Optional fields - Mandatory and optional fields are already labelled according to the structure of the usage record for non-Active Rating and Active Rating. This simplifies the mapping of the fields.

  • Complete View - Having a complete view of the file(s) sent to Zuora with the status of submission in the Interconnect function or the logs.

See Zuora Usage File Forwarder.

Secrets Wallet Usability Enhancements

Secrets Wallet allows you to securely save and manage all of your third-party credentials and passwords in one location, and it is now the default option for all pre-integrated functions such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, SAP Subscription Billing, and any functions that require you to use credentials. With the selection available in these functions, you can effortlessly establish a secure connection by selecting a saved secret from within the function itself, see Secrets Wallet.

Secrets Wallet Overview Enhancements

The Secrets Wallet UI has been revamped to improve accessibility and make it more intuitive for users. The overview now provides a holistic view of all the secrets that were created as well as the streams that are using them.

Previously, a pop-up dialog displayed the information about the secret. Now all the information appears as a dropdown on the overview itself.

The creation of a secret has also been streamlined in continuous and multiple views. All of the configuration is now present within a single pop-up and the number of configurable fields changes according to the choices made based on the secrets type.

Notification Groups User Interface Revamp

Notification Groups are email groups that will receive email alerts when designated events happen in a stream. With the enhancements for the Secrets Wallet, the UI for Notification Groups has also been revamped to improve accessibility and make it more intuitive for users, see Notification Groups.

Previous UI for Notification Group

A Search bar has been added in the Notification Groups view to ease the searching of notification groups by name.

New UI.png


If you need to get in contact with our Support desk, please see our Support Web User Guide.