Audit Log

Audit Log is a collector function that helps gather and export audit data from all available streams in your account to external databases or BI systems. You can evaluate and transform complex data into meaningful and actionable information, which in turn can be used to support more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making.

There is flexibility in the way you setup your audit export. For example, you can export audit data every hour or every day by scheduling your exports so they execute automatically. Audit export is also transaction-safe which means that in case of any failure during export, audit export will restart from the last successful export checkpoint.

You can also view audit logs in our Usage Insights dashboard.


The configuration of the Audit Log collector involves entering your Usage Engine credentials to get access to the API. This is a workaround as the engine cannot currently access the audit data directly and has to go through the Usage Engine API. There is no specific configuration that is required on the Audit Log collector as the intention is to simply enable the forwarding of data to a 3rd party storage and ingest it to a BI system.