Email Notification

The Email Notification Function enables the user to configure an email alert using an external SMTP server. 


To configure an email alert where you need to send an attachment, please use the Email Attachment Function instead.


SMTP Settings

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol settings are required to connect to the external server. 

Host nameHost name or IP address of the SMTP server.

Port number used to connect to the SMTP server. Use port number 25 for a non-TLS connection and 465 for a TLS connection.

Username & Password

The credentials for your email account.

TLS Only

By default, this checkbox is selected. The connection uses the TLS protocol when connecting to the server.

If you clear this checkbox, the TLS is used only if the server supports the STARTTLS extension.


In most cases it is recommended to select this checkbox if you are connecting to port 465. Clear this checkbox if you are connecting to port 587 or 25.

New Message

The details of the email that you are sending.

FromEmail address of the sender. Example: Username <>
Recipient(s)Email address of the recipient. Multiple addresses can be added, use either the enter or comma (,) keys to input another recipient.
SubjectSubject of the email.

The text is to be included in the email.


The Email Notification Function supports Variable Insertion in all the fields of New Message: From, Recipients, Subject and Message.