SAP JCo Uploader Agent UDRs

The SAP JCo UDR types (SAP_JCO) are designed to send records via a workflow to the SAP Convergent Invoicing Server.

The SAP_JCO UDR types can be viewed in the UDR Internal Format Browser in the SAP_JCO folder. To open the browser, first open an APL Editor, and, in the editing area, right-click and select UDR Assistance.

The UDR types for SAP JCo Agent are described here:


For the first row of the output file, the HeaderUDR describes the RFC name and the format of the file.

The following fields are included in the HeaderUDR:

listOfBitFields (list BitFieldUDR>)A list of field descriptions in the current file. It contains FieldName and FieldType for each field.
rfcName (string)

The name of the RemoteFunctionCall for this field. This comes from the second field of the file header.

sourceFilename (string)

The name of the current file. This field is used as a primary key in state handling.

version (string)The version of the file. This comes from the first field of the header.


This UDR is part of the HeaderUDR

The following fields are included in the BitFieldUDR:

fieldName (string)The name of the field
fieldType (string)The type of value


Except for the first row (the header), the rest of the output file consists of the content of RecordUDR.

The following fields are included in the RecordUDR:

listOfFields (list<string>)

A list of values in this row of the record.