MSMQ Agents

This section describes the MSMQ agents. This agent is only available for Real-Time workflow configurations.

There are two types of MSMQ agents:

  • MSMQ Collection Agent
  • MSMQ Processing Agent

The MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing) Agent enables to act as an MSMQ client communicating with an MSMQ server. MSMQ is a messaging protocol that allows applications running on separate servers/processes to communicate in a failsafe manner. A queue is a temporary storage location from which messages can be sent and received reliably, as and when conditions permit.

Supported Features

The MSMQ agent supports the following:

  • Setting up connections with domain, username and password
  • Configure the queue name (path name) to send/receive MSMQ message
  • Receiving messages from an MSMQ queue
  • Send messages to an MSMQ queue


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