This section describes the structure and properties of the MSMQ UDR type.

The properties in MSMQ UDR type

The table below describes the MSMQ UDR properties used in the MSMQ Collection and Processing agents:


appSpecific (int)

The application-generated information, such as single integer values or application-defined message classes.

arrivedTime (date)The data and time at which the message arrives at the destination queue.

body (string)

The body of the message.

context (any)A free field that can be used to store contextual information regarding the request.

error (string)

The error received by the MSMQ collection or processing agents.

label (string)

An application-defined label for the message.
priority (int)The priority that is assigned to the message when en route to a queue and when inserted into the destination queue.
queue (string)This field contains the queue name.
OriginalData (bytearray)This field contains the original data in bytearray format.