Batch-Based Real-Time Agents

Collection and forwarding agents that are based on batch agents can be included in real-time workflows. This allows you to use various file-oriented protocols, and to access your batch data directly from a real-time workflow.

The collection and forwarding agents that are available are:

  • Disk
  • FTP
  • SCP
  • SFTP

When you have selected to create a real-time workflow, you can select these agents from the lists of collection and forwarding agents in the agent pane.

A real-time workflow with a batch-based agent:

  • Can process several UDRs simultaneously, but the order of UDR processing is not guaranteed.
  • The Begin and End Batch are signaled to the workflow.
  • Decoder, error management, and scheduling are defined as part of the collection agent configuration.
  • If the agent encounters an error that would cause a batch workflow to abort, instead behavior depends on how the agent is configured in the Execution tab. 


You can choose to use these agents if you are not relying on transaction safety in your solution. If the workflow aborts, rollback or commit will not be called, and there is no recovery step when you start a workflow again.

When using the Disk agent in realtime workflows you cannot use the MultiForwardingUDR.