Batch-Based Real-Time Agents - Example Workflow

This section provides an example of how you can configure the SFTP collection agent in a real-time workflow.

Example workflow with SFTP collection agent in a real-time workflow


In this instance, the SFTP collection agent is configured for the workflow to run every 3 seconds. When a decoding error occurs, processing of the current batch is stopped and skips to the next batch, and the workflow is to abort immediately on the first Cancel Batch message from any agent in the workflow.

Example SFTP collection agent configuration - Execution tab


The Python processing agent is configured to handle the incoming UDRs.

Example Python processing agent configuration


The output in the workflow monitor in the image below shows that when an error occurs, the workflow does not abort and the agent retries at the next repeat. The error is also reported in the System Log.

Example output in Workflow Monitor