SAP JCo Uploader Agent Transaction Behavior

The SAP JCo Uploader agent performs some extra maneuvers to ensure that records, for a particular file, that are already committed to the SAP System are skipped if the workflow aborts before the batch is completed successfully.

  1. Records are committed in sub batches. For further information, see the Commit Size setting in SAP JCo Uploader Agent Configuration.

  2. For every successful commit, an entry is inserted into the database, consisting of the WF_NAME, FILENAME, START_POSITION and END_POSITION of the sub batches.

  3. If the file is successfully processed, at workflow commit, the agent removes all entries inserted into the database for the current file.

If the workflow aborts before the file is successfully processed, on the next re-run, the agent performs a database lookup, and gets the list of records that are already processed. Record numbers that are found in the database are skipped.

For information about the general transaction behavior, see Workflow Monitor.


This agent does not emit anything.



As this agents's action depends on the data of the HeaderUDR, nothing is done in BeginBatch.

Processing begins when the HeaderUDR is received.

This initial consume instance is only when the agent receives the HeaderUDR. The agent gets the RemoteFunction from the SAP System based on the name in the HeaderUDR. This RemoteFunction is used to insert records into the SAP System.

When every RemoteFunction is committed, an entry of stateInfo is inserted into the database.

CommitRemoves all stateInfo data for the file from the database.