Duplicate UDR Inspector

To open the Duplicate UDR Inspector, click Manage → Duplicate UDR Inspector


Duplicate UDR Inspector currently does not support Duplicate UDR profiles with Enable Separate Storage Per Workflow option selected. 


Applicable only to Legacy Desktop, ensure that the Read Only check box is selected unless you need to delete batches from the cache. If not selected, the profile will be locked and workflows using the profile will not be able to write to the cache. 

Inspect Duplicate UDR Batches

Once the search criteria have been specified in the Filter dialog, the Duplicate UDR Inspector table is populated with matching batches.

The Duplicate UDR Inspector Table

The Duplicate UDR Inspector displays a table of duplicate UDR batches that were detected for all workflows that contained a Duplicate UDR Profile. The table has the following columns: 



The index of the batch in the search results.

Processed Date

The date when the batch was processed.


The number of records (UDRs) processed for a given batch.


The number of duplicates found in the batch.


MIM Values

The MIM data stored for the batch. Click this button to view all MIM values.

You can also select individual batches by selecting the checkbox and choose to either Delete or Clear selection(s).

The Duplicate UDR Inspector table also has the following options:

  • Filter
  • Refresh
  • Delete


Clicking this button opens the Filter window where you can specify the UDR profile and a date range for the required results. 

Menu optionDescription
Duplicate UDR profileClick Browse to select the appropriate Duplicate UDR Profile to filter the results for.

Created start date and time

Created end date and time

The Duplicate UDR Detection agent stores batches in date segments. Populate the date-time picker to filter the results for duplicates detected between a certain time period.


Click to close the Filter window.
ResetClick to reset all selections in the Filter window.

Refresh and Delete

Click Refresh button to refresh the data in the Duplicate UDR results table. Click Delete to delete all the rows in the table.