Duplicate UDR Agent Meta information Model and Events

Meta Information Model

For information about the MIM and a list of the general MIM parameters, see Administration and Management in Legacy Desktop.


MIM ParameterDescription

Detected Duplicates

This MIM parameter contains the number of detected duplicates in the current batch.

Detected Duplicates  is of the int type and is defined as a trailer MIM context type.


MIM ParameterDescription

User selected

The agent accesses user selected values to log in ECS.

Agent Message Events

  • File Repository Initialized: Reported when the agent has successfully opened its duplicate detection repository (cache).
  • Number  of  number  UDRs were duplicates ( number  were too old): Reported after each processed batch. The last number denotes UDRs that were too old to be compared against, that is, they were older than the configured maximum age.

Agent Debug Events

There are no debug events for this agent.