Duplicate UDR Agent Configuration

To open the Duplicate UDR agent configuration, click Build → New Configuration. Select Workflow from the Configurations dialog. When prompted to Select workflow type, select Batch. Click Add agent and click the Processing tab. Select Dup UDR from the Agent Selection dialog. Double-click the agent icon or right-click the icon and select Edit agent, to display the Agent Configuration dialog.

Dup UDR Tab

Duplicate UDR Detection configuration dialogue - Dup UDR tab



Select the Duplicate UDR profile you want the agent to use in the drop-down list.

All workflows in the same workflow configuration can use separate Duplicate UDR profiles. To do that, the profile must be set to Default in the Workflow Table tab found in the Workflow Properties dialogue. After that, each workflow in the Workflow Table can be appointed the correct profile.

Duplicate Route

Indicates on which route to send detected duplicates.

The list is not populated with output routes until the routes have been created and the dialogue is reopened.

Suppress Warnings in System LogSelect this check box to suppress duplicate UDR messages from being logged in the System Log.

Thread Buffer Tab

For more information, refer to the Thread Buffer Tab in Workflow Template.