Usage Engine Cloud Edition

Digital Route provides access to its Usage Engine Cloud Edition capabilities as a cloud-based multi-tenant managed service to unlock usage data to optimize your business and turn any event into a growth opportunity.

Usage Engine provides the infrastructure, development environment, operational tools, and execution capabilities needed to unlock the value of your usage data. Unlike most integration platforms, our products are purpose-built to bridge operational, business and finance systems. This means you can take operational data into your financial systems with confidence.

It is designed in such a way that DigitalRoute’s customers can quickly onboard, implement and operationalize their required processes. Customers benefit from fewer integration points and flexible data management.

Usage Engine Cloud Edition Overview

As part of the service, the availability and stability of Usage Engine Cloud Edition is backed by DigitalRoute’s operations expertise for proper lifecycle and change management.

DigitalRoute provides a robust and reliable service in compliance with an agreed SLA, which allows Customers to scale as per their needs, with access to tools they need to fulfil their objectives. Whereas the Customer is responsible for the integrity and proper operations of their specific applications running on top of Usage Engine Cloud Edition.