SAP CC Batch Agents

This section describes the SAP CC Batch agents. These agents are available in batch and real-time workflow configurations.

The SAP CC Batch agent is a batch and real-time agent that can be used to:

  • Send charging requests to the SAP Convergent Charging server back end
  • Send batch acquisition operation requests for chargeable items
  • Send event-based advice of charge (i e blankCharge) to the SAP Convergent Charging server

The SAP CC Batch agent sends chargeable items in a disconnected or offline mode to the SAP Convergent Charging Server system. This feature is termed by SAP as Offline Charging. More information regarding offline charging can be found in the SAP Convergent Charging application help PDF.

The SAP CC Batch agent communicates with the workflow using a dedicated set of UDRs. The SAP CC Batch agent accepts a charge request, a blank charge request, an acquiring request, or a CCBatchCycleUDR that refers to one of these three request types as input. A CCBatchCycleUDR that refers to the result of the processed request, i e the result of a charge or blank charge operation or the result of an acquire operation, will be returned as output. For further information on the SAP CC Batch UDR types, see SAP CC Batch UDRs.

SAP CC Batch agent uses the Asynchronous Batch Service Client to send the chargeable items to the Offline Charging system. For further information about the AsyncBatchServiceClient API see the SAP AsyncBatchServiceClient documentation.