SAP CC Online Agent

SAP Convergent Charging provides a rating and charging solution for high-volume processing in service industries. It delivers pricing design capabilities, high-performance rating, and convergent balance management. The SAP CC Online agent provides an easy way to integrate  with SAP Convergent Charging.

The SAP CC Online agent is a real-time agent that can be used to send charging requests to SAP Convergent Charging and to handle the response from the server.

The SAP CC Online agent communicates with the workflow by using a dedicated set of UDRs. The  SAP CC Online agent accepts any charging request UDR as input.  A CCCycleUDR, containing both the request and the answer will be returned as output. For further information about the SAP CC UDR types, see SAP CC UDRs.

Asynchronous Communication

To provide a fast and efficient charging capability, the SAP CC Online agent relies on the Asynchronous Charging Client (AsynchStatefulServiceClient). For further information about the SAP CC AsynchStatefulServiceClient API, see the SAP AsynchStatefulServiceClient documentation.

In order to reduce the number of connected clients on an SAP Convergent Charging core server, a pool of shared clients exists on the side. It means that all the workflows running in the same EC will not instantiate their own connection with SAP Convergent Charging, but instead use one shared client.

Based on its configuration (Host, Port, Timeout, and Flow Control), the SAP CC Online agent will pick a mapping client up from the pool when the workflow is initialized. If there is no client matching a particular configuration, a new client will be added to the pool. For further information about how to configure the client, see SAP CC Online Agent Configuration.


Due to the asynchronous behavior of the client, requests and answers are not grouped together, and the order of the requests and answers cannot be guaranteed. However, they share a unique ID for the workflow execution.