Web Service UDR Type Structure

When you save a WS profile, a number of UDR types are created and mapped according to specifications in the WSDL file. To see a structured list of these UDR types you open the APL editor, right-click on the text pad, and select UDR Assistance. Scroll down the UDR types list to the WS folder. 

The UDR types that are created once you save a WS profile are:

  • Abstract[port type name]WSCycle: is created for every WS profile

  • WSCycleUDR(s): is generated for every WSDL operation

The UDR type that might be created once you save a WS profile is:

  • UDR type: describes the complex types that are defined in the XML Schema

The UDR types that are stored in WS folder by default are:

  • AbstractWSCycle: The type of the input UDR

  • ws.QName: This UDR type matches a qname data type in an XML Schema. There can only be one ws.QName UDR type under ws.

  • XML Element: A wrapper type that is defined as "nullable" in the XML Schema.