Web Service Profile

The Web Service (WS) profile enables you to define a web service. One profile defines one web service.

The WS profile is available in Legacy Desktop only.

In the WS profile, you specify a WSDL file that mainly includes the following parts of a Web Service definition:

  • XML Schema: Defines information about the service either directly or via an XSD-file

  • WSDL: Communication relevant information

  • Binding elements: supports only SOAP bindings

The WS profile can include more than one WSDL file reference. The WS profile is loaded when you start a workflow that depends on it. Changes to the profile become effective when you restart the workflow.

Saving a WS profile that is assigned with a WSDL file, maps data types that are specified in the WSDL Schema section as UDR types for the workflow. For further information, see Web Service UDR Type Structure.