REST Server Agent Events

Agent Events

There are no message events for this agent.

Debug Events

Debug messages are dispatched in debug mode. During execution, the messages are displayed in the Workflow Monitor.

You can configure Event Notifications that are triggered when a debug message is dispatched. For further information about the debug event type, see Debug Event.

The agent produces the following debug events:

  • Request processed and routed. drRestServerContextID: <number>
    This message is displayed when the REST Server agent receives a request from the REST client. drRestServerContextID is used to determine the corresponding response by the REST Server agent as well as an identifier for the Cycle(REST) UDR that is being processed in the APL.

  • Response sent. DrRestServerContextID: <number>
    This message is displayed when the REST Server agent sends out the response to the REST client. DrRestServerContextID is used to identify the preceding REST request that was received by the REST Server agent.