REST Client Agent

The REST Client processing agent allows querying of any HTTP API using any of the methods specified in RFC 2616 (

The agent expects RESTCycleUDR types, which contain both request and response fields. The request fields of the UDR include the header, method, body, and target resource URI. After performing an HTTP query, the agent routes a RESTCycleUDR type that includes the original request as well as the response from the server. 

For further information about the UDR types used by the REST Client agent, see 9.62.3 REST Client UDR Types.

REST Client agent workflow


The reader of this information should be familiar with:

  • Representational state transfer (REST)

  • RFC 2616 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1
  • RFC 6749 - OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework
  • RFC 7617 - Basic HTTP Authentication Scheme

This section includes the following subsections: