This section contains important information for troubleshooting that are essential for errors that you might encounter.


Prior to testing the MSMQ agent, ensure that MSMQ is installed and running on the target Windows machine.

In order to troubleshoot the agent, you must take into consideration the following aspects:

Installing MSMQ Service

To install the MSMQ service, refer to

Windows Firewall

By default, Windows Firewall may block the ports that are required by the MSMQ server. You must configure the Windows Features to enable the connectivity of the MSMQ agent. For more information, refer to


When an agent is aborted during the startup of the workflow, an error is displayed. The following shows a list of error messages with explanation. 

Error Message


AutomationException: 0x5

Access denied. In Invoke, this is usually due to incorrect username/password.

AutomationException: 0xc00e0014The queue path name specified is invalid.
EC and Workflow stop workingRestart the EC and Workflow to recover.