Encoder Agent Transaction Behavior Batch and Input/Output Data

Data Operations - Batch Workflow

This section includes information about the Encoder agent transaction behavior. For information about the general transaction behavior, see Workflow Monitor.

This agent does not send out anything.

The agent acquires commands from other agents and based on them generates a state change of the file currently processed.



Begin Batch

Possible headers defined in the Header tab are created and dispatched on all outgoing routes before the first UDR is encoded.

End Batch

Possible trailers defined in the Trailer tab are created and dispatched on all outgoing routes after the last UDR has been encoded.

Input/Output Data

The Input/Output data is the type of data an agent expects and delivers.

The agent produces bytearray type and consumes the UDR types corresponding to the selected Encoder. If Suppress Encoding is enabled bytearray type is consumed.