Encoder Agent Services Batch

The agent utilizes two specialized services allowing the user to add header and trailer information into each data batch.

They both offer the possibility of using MIM values, constants, and user-defined values in the header or trailer. When selecting MIM resources, note that MIM values used in the data batch header are gathered when a new batch begins, while MIM values used in the data batch trailer are gathered when a batch ends. Thus, the numbers of outbound bytes, or UDRs, for any agent will always be zero if they are referred to in data batch headers.

The windows for both header and trailer configuration are identical.

Encoder configuration dialog - Header tab


Suppress On No Data

Indicates if the header/trailer will be added to the batch even if the batch does not contain any data (UDRs or byte arrays).


Click on the Add button to populate the columns with items to the header or trailer of the file. They will be added in the order they are specified.

Add Header/Trailer Content dialog


MIM Defined

If enabled, a MIM value will be part of the header. Size  and  Padding  must be entered as well.


For data batch headers, the MIM values are gathered at  beginBatch .

User Defined

If enabled, a user defined constant must be entered. If  Size  is empty or less than the number of characters in the constant,  Size  is set to the number of characters in the constant. If  Size  is greater than the length of the constant,  Padding must be entered as well.

Pad Only

If enabled, a string is added according to the value entered for  Size , filled with Padding characters.


Size  must always be entered to give the item a fixed length. It can only be omitted if  User Defined  is selected, in which case it will be calculated automatically.


Character to pad any remaining space with. Either a user defined character can be entered, or one of the four predefined/special characters can be selected (Carriage return, Line feed, Space, Tabulator).


Left or right alignment within the allocated field size.

Date Format

Enabled when a MIM of type date is selected. A Date Format Chooser dialog is opened, where a date format may be entered.