Encoder Agent Configuration Batch Workflow

You open the Encoder processing agent configuration dialog from a workflow configuration. To open the Compressor processing agent configuration, click  Build → New Configuration. Select  Workflow from the Configurations dialog. When prompted to  Select workflow type, select Batch. Click Add agent and select Encoder from the Processing tab of the Agent Selection dialog.

Encoder configuration dialog - Encoder tab


Suppress Encoding

If enabled, the agent will not encode the incoming data. It expects a raw byte array as the input type and will pass it through untouched. This mode is used when only a header and/or a trailer is added to a data batch.


List of available encoders introduced via the Ultra Format Editor, as well as the default built-in encoder for the internal format (MZ format tagged UDRs).

Indented OutputIf enabled, indentation will be applied to the output data. 
Inline Map FieldIf enabled, this sets inline fields mapped for the designated fields. Select the UDR Type and the target Field using the Browse button.


The  Header  and  Trailer  tabs are described in Encoder Agent Services Batch. The use and setting of private threads for an agent, enabling multi-threading within a workflow, is configured in the  Thread Buffer tab. For further information, see Thread Buffer Tab in Workflow Template.