Duplicate Batch Inspector

The Duplicate Batch Inspector is used for viewing the metadata cache used for duplicate checking. To open the Duplicate Batch Inspector, go to Manage → Duplicate Batch Inspector

To populate the Duplicate Batch Inspector, specify search criteria in the Filter dialog. 

Filter dialog



Select the profile which corresponds to the data of interest.

Display fieldsClick Browse to select which columns to display in the Duplicate Batch Inspector dialog. Note that to be able to select columns, you need to specify the fields to select as Logged MIMs in the Duplicate Batch Agent Configuration.

Created start date and time

Use this field to search for created data starting from this date and time.

Created end date and timeUse this field to search for data ending at this date and time.

Select OK to view the matching data of the search.

Duplicate Batch Inspector dialog

FilterClick the Filter button to open the Filter dialog to specify new search criteria.

Click Refresh to run the search with the previous search criteria.


Flags selected entries for deletion. A popup is displayed where you can confirm whether to Delete or Cancel the operation. 

If no entry is selected, you are asked if you want to Delete all entries or Cancel the operation.