Duplicate Batch Agent Configuration

To open the Duplicate Batch agent configuration, click Build → New Configuration. Select Workflow from the Configurations dialog. When prompted to Select workflow type, select Batch. Click Add agent and click the Processing tab. Select Dup Batch from the Agent Selection dialog. Double-click the agent icon or right-click the icon and select Edit agent, to display the Agent Configuration dialog.

Duplicate Batch Detection agent configuration dialog



Click Brows to select from a list of already defined Duplicate Batch profiles.

All workflows in the same workflow configuration can use separate Duplicate Batch profiles, however it is not possible to map MIM Values with different names via different profiles. The mapping of MIM values for the Duplicate Batch agent is done in the agent for the entire workflow configuration.

In order to appoint different workflow profiles, the Field Settings found in the Workflow Properties dialog must be set to Default. When this is done each workflow in the Workflow Table can be appointed the correct profile.

Only MIM check data passing this agentSelect this check box to only perform MIM duplicate checks for data passing the Duplicate Batch agent. If this checkbox is not selected, MIM duplicate checks will be performed for all data, regardless of how it is routed in the workflow.

Named MIM/Source Timestamp

Click the MIM button to select from a list of user defined MIMs to be defined for the profile.

MIM Resource

A list of existing MIM values to be mapped against the user defined Named MIMs. This list of MIMs is defined in the selected Profile. In a workflow, you need to configure which MIM should correspond to each Named MIM

AddClick Add to display the MIM Browser from which to select MIM values to populate the Logged MIMs table.

Logged MIMs

Selected MIM values to be used in duplicate detection messages.