Data Veracity Task Agent

The Data Veracity Task agent configures and schedules automated repair tasks for UDRs located in Data Veracity tables. When triggered by a workflow group scheduler, the agent will execute all repair rules that were added into the task agent itself.

To open the Data Veracity task agent configuration dialog from a workflow configuration, you can do either one of the following:

  • double-click the agent icon
  • select the agent icon and click the  Edit button

Data Veracity Task agent configuration

Data Veracity Tab


Click Browse to select a predefined Data Veracity Profile. The profile contains the configuration of the Data Veracity connection details and the Data Veracity table schema sql generation.

For further information, see Data Veracity Profile.

Repair ConfigurationsAdding a repair configuration into the table will allow the agent to determine which UDR to repair, which saved filter to use to source out the UDRs that needed to be repaired as well as which repair rule to execute on the chosen UDRs.
Error Behaviour
On Error

This combo box displays two options that determine how the workflow will behave when the repair job encounters an issue during execution.  When set to Ignore, the agent will ignore any errors by a repair job and continue executing the next repair job in the Repair Configurations table. When it is set to Abort, the agent will trigger the workflow to abort when a repair job hits a single error.

The default value is Ignore.