Data Veracity Collection Agent

The Data Veracity Collection agent fetches data sent to the internal Data Veracity tables by workflows configured to do so. Data is sent to the Data Veracity tables as UDRs.

An example workflow collecting UDRs from the Data Veracity tables as defined by the Data Veracity profile

Which UDRs to collect is determined by selecting the Data Veracity Profile and then choosing one or many of the UDRs that were defined in the profile.

It is only possible to have one active Data Veracity collection workflow per reprocessing group at a time.


Collecting UDRs from the Data Veracity tables does not mean that they are physically removed from the database tables, only that their state is changed. Automatic UDR removal can be managed by the predefined task DataVeracity_Maintenance, provided that the UDR or batch is marked for deletion. For further information, see Data Veracity Maintenance System Task. Force deletion directly from the Data Veracity Search UI is also possible if the user has full administrative rights.