Stream Preview

DigitalRoute has embraced the concept of a low-code user experience aiming for Collector, Processor and Forwarder Functions which provide responsive real-time feedback as the user works. As such, when building a stream(by dragging and configured Function nodes onto the stream editor canvas), an instant visual data preview will be shown.

Preview could be triggered even the stream has not completely configured, for example not connecting or configured a Forwarder Function in the stream yet.Behind the scenes, Preview partially run the stream by initiating the Collector Function to ingest the data and process a small set of input data.This will show the user what the data output currently looks like based on what have been configured on the Function.

Preview mode allowing the user to see the data and impact of changes clearly while building and editing their stream at each stage.

Stream preview

In some cases,we would like to avoid external integration and unintentionally API call while building a stream.Therefore, Preview is disabled in all Forwarder Functions and could be toggled in some Processor Functions. A mock data preview might be shown in Processors allowing user to continue developing the stream.

For example, Preview toggle is available in the HTTP Client Processor Function. When the toggle is turned on, the Function will invoke the configured HTTP request to the external API server.When it is turned off, the HTTP request will not be invoked. This protects external systems from being modified by the preview function.

It is important to take notes that preview data is not the final output.Users must run the stream to produce the actual results.