AMQP Agent Configuration

To open the AMQP agent configuration dialog from a workflow configuration, you can do either one of the following:

  • double-click the agent icon
  • select the agent icon and click the  Edit button

The Agent Configuration contains the following settings:

AMQP Agent Configuration


RPC Answer Timeout (ms)

Enter the interval in milliseconds you want the agent to wait for an answer before timing out in this field.

Auto Acknowledge

Select this check box if you want the AMQP agent to automatically send back acknowledgments of receiving messages to the broker.

Make Initial Subscription

Select this check box if you want the AMQP agent to make the initial subscription.


Enter the name of of the queue you want to subscribe to and receive messages from in this field.

TagEnter the identifier to be used for the channel. Several clients can use the same tag for the same channel. If this field is empty, the server will generate a unique tag.
Authenticate Through WorkflowSelect this check box to provide the authentication credentials for broker connections via LoginInfo UDRs instead of the agent configuration. When you select this check box the Username and Password fields will be disabled.
UsernameEnter the username to be used for broker connections.
PasswordEnter the password associated with the username.
Virtual HostEnter the name of the virtual host in this field.
Broker AddressesAdd the brokers you want the AMQP agent to connect to in this section stating host and port for each broker. You may enter one or several brokers.

Select this check box to have the AMQP agent use TLS.


The two-way TLS is not supported in AMQP.

Security Profile

Click Browse to select a security profile with certificate and configuration to use, if you prefer to use a secure connection. Refer to Security Profile for more information.


This field is enabled when the Use TLS checkbox is selected.

Only the Java Keystore Type, Keystore Path, and Keystore Password fields in the Security Profile are used by AMQP agent.

A new security profile is automatically generated when importing the AMQP agent workflow configuration of an earlier version prior to version 9.