User Defined Action UDRs

It is possible to define an Action UDR and send it from the Collection workflow, in a ConsumeCycleUDR, to communicate actions back to the forwarding workflow. The UDR can be sent regardless of the Send Reply over Bridge setting in the Workflow Bridge profile.

The Action UDR is created using the Ultra Format Definition Language (UFDL). This is the classname you need to extend in UFDL:


Example - An Action UDR in Ultra format

external my_ext sequential {
                        // field definitions
                        int ActionType : static_size(1);
                        ascii Anum : terminated_by(0xA);
                        };                                                                         internal WFBActionUDR : extends_class( "com.digitalroute.workflowbridge.transport.ultra.WfbActionUDR" )
{     long counter;     <....> //more fields if needed }

For further information about the Ultra Format Editor and the UFDL syntax, refer to the Ultra Reference Guide.