HTTP Batch Agent Transaction Behavior


The agent emits commands that changes the state of the file currently processed.



Begin Batch

The agent will emit beginBatch before the first content of the file is routed into the workflow. The agent will also use the ECS batch service and route the data to it.

End Batch

The agent will emit endBatch after the final part of the file has been routed into the workflow.


The agent retrieves commands from other agents and based on them generates a state change of the file currently processed.



Hint End Batch

When hintEndBatch is called the agent will call endBatch as soon as the current data block has been routed from the agent. If more data is available from the web server the agent will call beginBatch and then continue to process the rest of the file.

Cancel Batch

If a Cancel Batch message is received, the agent sends the batch to ECS.


If the Cancel Batch behavior defined on workflow level is configured to abort the workflow, the agent will never receive the last Cancel Batch message. In this situation ECS will  not  be involved, and the file will  not  be moved.

APL code where hintEndBatch is followed by a cancelBatch will always result in workflow abort. Make sure to design the APL code to first evaluate the Cancel Batch criteria to avoid this sort of behavior.