SCP Collection Agent

The SCP collection agent collects files from a remote host and inserts them into a workflow, using the SCP protocol over SSH2.

Upon activation, the agent establishes an SSH2 connection and an SCP session towards the remote host. If this fails, additional hosts are tried, if configured. On success, the source directory on the remote host is scanned for all files matching the current filter. In addition, the Filename Sequence service may be utilized for further control of the matching files. All files found will be fed one after the other into the workflow.

When a file has been successfully processed by the workflow, the agent offers the possibility of moving, renaming, removing or ignoring the original file. The agent can also automatically delete moved or renamed files after a configurable number of days. In addition, the agent offers the possibility of decompressing (gzip) files after they have been collected before they are inserted into the workflow.

When all the files have been successfully processed the agent stops, awaiting the next activation, scheduled or manually initiated.

If you need to run the SCP collection agent in a real-time workflow, for further information, see Batch-Based Real-Time Agents.