Prometheus UDR Type

Prometheus UDR

You use PrometheusUDRs to create metrics. The PrometheusUDR has to be populated with a value and optional Prometheus labels. You can decide if you want to create a PrometheusUDR per each value, or aggregate them using the Aggregation agent and send a cumulative value after desired conditions are met.

Labels should follow the Prometheus recommendation, for details see the official Prometheus documentation.

The PrometheusUDR type can be viewed in the UDR Internal Format Browser.

The PrometheusUDR contains data that can be sent to the endpoints running on each Execution Context.

The following fields are included in the PrometheusUDR:


Name (string)

This field is populated with the metric name, for example mim_realtime_processing_analysis_outbound_udrs.

MetricType (string)

This field is populated with one of the metric types supported by Prometheus. Supported types are:

  • UNTYPED (default)
Value (double)

This field is populated with a numeric value and is what, in most cases, is displayed in your Grafana graph. For example, the field can be populated by 6.5.

Labels (map<string.string>)

This field is populated with the labels applied to the metric, for example origin_country.

Description (string)

This field is populated with a description of a metric.