Maintaining Archives

The Archive Cleaner task removes outdated archives that has has expired according to the Purge criteria in the Archive profile. The Archive Cleaner task is accessed from Execution Manager, which is opened by clicking the Tools button in the upper left part of the Desktop window. The Archive Cleaner is only configurable with respect to scheduling criteria. The cleanup of outdated files is mastered by removing the reference as well as the file itself from the archive directory.

For further information, also see Archive Cleaner in 3.1.1 Workflow Types.

Resetting entry_id Sequence

For each new archived file, the agent will add an entry in the database with an incremental sequence number known as entry_id. This sequence number will NOT auto cycle after reaching its maximum value. The user is required to manually alter or reset the sequence in this scenario to prevent overflow.

You can use the following SQL statements for resetting the entry_id.


When resetting entry_id, you are required to execute the Archive Cleaner so that newer archive entries will not clash with the older entries.




ALTER SEQUENCE mzowner.archive_entries_entry_id_seq CYCLE;