Syslog Collection Agent Configuration

To open the Syslog Collection agent configuration dialog from a workflow configuration, you can do either one of the following:

  • double-click the agent icon
  • select the agent icon and click the Edit button

The Agent Configuration contains the following settings:

Syslog Collection agent configuration

HostThe IP address or hostname to which the Syslog Collection agent will bind. If left empty the agent binds to all IP addresses available on the system.

Enter the port number to which the data is received. Make sure the port is not used by other applications.


On Unix/Linux systems any port below 1024 can only be opened by the root-user because of security limitations. It is recommended that you redirect Syslog messages to a port that is available to the MZ_HOME owner.


The port number must be within the range of 0 to 65535.

Package Size (B)

This value controls the maximum size of the incoming messages. If the size of a message exceeds the value in Package Size (B), it will be truncated.

For the best possible performance, enter a value, in bytes, that is just large enough to accommodate the incoming messages.


The Package Size must be at least 512.

Receive Buffer Size (B)

Enter the maximum size of the UDP buffer. In case of a buffer overflow, the agent will not receive new incoming messages.


In order to prevent UDR datagram loss, you may need to the increase the size of the UDR receiver buffer of the operating system.

The required size of the UDP receive buffer depends on many factors, such as:

  • The number of Syslog collection workflows on each EC host.
  • The number of workflow threads
  • The number of processors
  • The amount of memory
  • The speed of the hard disk for virtual memory

For information about how to increase the UDP receive buffer, see the documentation of your operating system.


The Receive Buffer Size must be at least 2048.