SAP RFC Processor Agent Configuration

The SAP RFC Processor agent is a realtime processing agent, which obtains the UDR generated from the selected SAP RFC profile. The UDR type for the RFC function selected, is determined according to the structure in SAP. The agent sends the populated UDR to the SAP system with the connection details configured in the SAP RFC profile.

To open the SAP RFC agent configuration, click  Build → New Configuration. Select Workflow  from the Configurations dialog. When prompted to Select workflow type, select Realtime. Click Add agent and select SAP RFC in the Processing tab in the Agent Selection dialog. Double-click the agent icon or right-click the icon and select Edit agent, to display the Agent Configuration dialog.

SAP RFC Processor agent configuration dialog

Connection Details Settings

Click Browse to select the SAP RFC profile you want to use.

Performance Settings
Enable Connection PoolSelect this check box to use a connection pool to communicate with the SAP Java Connector.
Max Idle ConnectionsEnter the maximum number of idle connections kept open by the destination. A value of 0 means there is no connection pooling. The default value is 2.
Max Active ConnectionEnter the maximum number of active connections that can be created for a destination simultaneously. The default value is 10.
Max Queue SizeEnter the maximum number of records waiting to be processed in the queue. This prevents an out of memory error from occurring if the SAP System is too slow to consume the records. The default value is 1000.
Number of ThreadsEnter the number of threads simultaneously uploading into the SAP System. The minimum value is 1. The default value is 5.
Cache SizeEnter the cache size for the SAP FunctionTemplate in the agent. The minimum value is 10. The default value is 1000.
Cache Expiry (min)Enter the cache expiry in minutes. The minimum value is 1. The default value is 30.
Enable Immediate StopSelect this check box to enable the agent to stop immediately and ignore pending items in the queue.