Salesforce Streaming API Agent Configuration

To open the Salesforce Streaming API agent configuration, click Build → New Configuration. Select Workflow from the Configurations dialog. When prompted to Select workflow type, select Realtime. Click Add agent and select Salesforce Streaming from Processing tab of the Agent Selection dialog. Double-click the agent icon or right-click the icon and select Edit agent, to display the Agent Configuration dialog.

The Salesforce agent configuration

In the Salesforce Streaming API agent configuration, you provide the credentials needed to access the Salesforce server and state how many reconnection attempts you want.


Login URL

Enter the URL to the Salesforce login site.

UsernameEnter the username for logging in to Salesforce.
PasswordEnter the password for logging in to Salesforce.
Security TokenEnter the security token for logging in to Salesforce.
Reconnection Timeout

Enter the timeout value in seconds. If the agent loses connection to Salesforce, it attempts to reconnect. If the connection is not recovered before the timeout expires, the workflow aborts.

HTTP Proxy for Salesforce Streaming API

When HTTP traffic is required to be routed through a proxy please look at HTTP Proxy Support in order to configure the proxy.