Inter Workflow Collection Agent

The collecting Inter Workflow agent collects batch files from a storage server. The data that it collects has previously been submitted to the storage server by a forwarding Inter Workflow agent.


An Inter Workflow profile cannot be used by more than one Inter Workflow collection agent at a time. A workflow trying to use an already locked profile will abort.


In a batch workflow, the collecting Inter Workflow agent will hand over the data, in UDR form, to the next agent in turn, one at a time.

In a real-time workflow, on the other hand, the collecting Inter Workflow agent routes the UDRs into the workflow, one batch at a time.

It is possible to restrict memory consumption by setting the property  mz.iwf.max_size_block  in the <ec>.conf or the platform.conf, on the EC or Platform that runs the Inter Workflow storage. For further information on how to modify properties, see Updating Pico Configurations. If the agent wants to allocate more memory than the given property value during collection, the collection will abort instead of suffering a possible "out of memory". The value representation should be in bytes. See the following example:

Example - Restricting memory consumpltion



The minimum value is 32000 bytes, and even if a lower value is configured, 32000 will apply.

Every batch file that the agent routes to the workflow is preceded with a special UDR that is called NewFileUDR , and contains the nname of the batch file.

The Inter Workflow collection agent in batch and real-time workflows