IBM MQ Configuration

You open the IBM MQ Collection agent configuration dialog from a workflow configuration. To open the Compressor processing agent configuration, click  Build → New Configuration. Select  Workflow from the Configurations dialog. When prompted to  Select workflow type, select Realtime. Click Add agent and select IBM MQ  from the Collection tab of the Agent Selection dialog.


The following fields are available for all Connection Modes.


Dynamic Initialization

When this option is set, the configuration of the IBM MQ Collection agent will not be made from the configuration window. The agent will instead send a connection UDR to an Analysis agent which will populate the UDR and send it back to the IBM MQ Collection agent. See Connection UDRs in IBM MQ UDRs for more information regarding the connection UDRs.

MQ Host

The host name of the queue manager host.


The port for the queue manager.


The name of the MQ channel.

Queue Manager

The name of the queue manager.

Connection Mode

Select which Connection Mode the agent should use. The possible values are Queues, Topics, and Durable Subscriptions

You can add and edit entries, as well as reorder them using the buttons labeled Add, Edit, Remove, Up, and Down