A Diameter Example

This section describes an example based on two workflow configurations that include Diameter agents and profiles. The configurations perform the following tasks:

  • The Diameter client workflow creates a request based on input from a TCP/IP agent and routes it to the Diameter server workflow.
  • The Diameter server workflow creates an answer to the received request and routes it back to to the Diameter client workflow.
  • The Diameter client workflow forwards the response to the TCP/IP agent.

Follow these steps to run the example:

  1. Open the System Importer and select diameter_example.zip. Import all configurations.
  2. Add dia1 and dia2 to /etc/hosts.

    Example. /etc/hosts localhost dia1,dia2
  3. Start the imported workflows.
  4. Connect to the TCP/IP agent in the client workflow via netcat (or nc). Enter a string and an integer, separated by a comma. 

    Example. Input to client workflow

    $ netcat localhost 3210
  5. If the workflows successfully processed the input, 1 (one) will be sent to the terminal.