Compressor Agent


You open the Compressor processing agent configuration dialog from a workflow configuration. To open the Compressor processing agent configuration, click  Build → New Configuration. Select  Workflow from the Configurations dialog. When prompted to  Select workflow type, select  Batch. Click Add agent and select Compressor from the Processing tab of the Agent Selection dialog.

The Compressor agent configuration dialog



Select Compression algorithm:

  • No Compression: The agent will not compress the files.

  • Gzip: The agent will compress the files by using gzip (Default).

Compression Level

Select the Compression level. The speed of compression is regulated using a level, where "1" indicates the fastest compression method (less compression) and "9" indicates the slowest compression method (best compression). The default compression level is "6".

Produce Empty Archives

Check this to make sure that an archive is produced and routed forward even if it has no content.

Transaction Behavior

This section includes information about the Compressor agent's transaction behavior. For information about the general transaction behavior, see Workflow Monitor.


The Compressor agent does not emit any commands.


The Compressor agent does not retrieve any commands.

Input/Output Data

Input/Output data is the type of data that an agent both recognizes and delivers.

The Compressor agent consumes and delivers bytearray types.


For information about the MIM and a list of the general MIM parameters, see Administration and Management in Legacy Desktop.


The Compressor agent does not publish any MIM resources.


The Compressor agent does not access any MIM resources.

Agent Message Events

The Compressor agent does not generate any message events.

Debug Events

There are no debug events for the Compressor agent.