JMS Agents Preparations

SBoth the collection and the (processing) request JMS agents use JNDI to acquire the previously configured connection and destination objects.

For information about Connection Factory and Destination objects, see the JMS 1.1 specification:

The classpath for the JMS and JNDI jar files are specified for each EC. In the example below, the jar files are located in MZ_HOME/3pp.


Ensure that you include existing paths, so that they are not overwritten.

$ mzsh topo get topo://container:<container>/pico:<ec>/obj:config.classpath

Example - Setting classpath

mzsh topo set topo://container:<container>/pico:<ec name> '{
    config {
        classpath {

After the classpath is set, the jar file must be manually distributed to be in place when the EC is started