Workflow Execution Scheduling

Usage Engine provides support for manual, real-time and scheduled execution of any kind of workflow group holding processing functions (i.e., collection, processing, distribution, or any combination thereof): 

  • To perform a manual execution, a group is executed through the Execution Manager. 
  • Real-time workflows are always active after they have been activated. If such a workflow terminates, it can either be manually re-activated, it can be re-activated by the scheduler or it can stay in state abort. 
  • For scheduled execution of groups, the frequency of collection and delivery of information in Usage Engine can be configured based on a period schedule (e.g., collect all files from a certain directory every 15 min). This schedule is based on day plans and can be configured to run every day, a specific weekday, or a specific day of the month. On each day, the activity can be specified to run only once or periodically at different intervals between various times. 


The scheduling criteria above instruct the system to collect/deliver data: 

  • If it is a Monday – do not collect/deliver any information. 
  • Otherwise, if it is the last day of the month, only generate collect/deliver information at 23:30. 
  • Otherwise, if it is a Saturday or Sunday, collect/deliver information every 3 hours. 
  • Otherwise, if the time is between 06:00 and 18:00, collect/deliver information every hour. 

Usage Engine also provides the ability to graphically view when execution occurs during any day of any year, as depicted below: 

Execution settings - graphical view