Configuration Import and Export

All, or parts, of the configuration related to a Usage Engine installation can be managed using the System Export/Import feature. An export/import can contain any of four categories: 

  • Configuration; workflow configurations in their original format (*).   
  • ECDeployment: Execution Context Deployments in their original format (*). 
  • System: system configuration in its original format (*).  
  • Workflow Package: workflow configurations in a compiled, immutable format. This format always automatically includes all related configurations to ensure the package can execute independently. This format is typically preferred when importing to production environments.  

(*) The original format is the “source code” of configuration. When imported and started it will compile into the executable format.  

Exporting configuration objects with this mechanism will create a compressed XML file that contains selected configuration. Exported information can also be protected through a one-way encrypted password. 

Configuration export

Using the export and import feature, it is possible to develop and test all functionality on one system, then export it and later import it into another environment. This feature can be combined with the external references feature that allows definition of all configuration parameters in a text file which gives the possibility to use one configuration export file across all environments which all have their individual parameter file. 

In addition to configuration data, the export/import function includes the capability to export runtime data from, for example, ECS and Archive systems.