mzsh Commands

The mzsh can be used both as a system administration tool and as a system client tool.

When using mzsh without running the platform, mzsh enables you to startup or shut down the system and perform other tasks that are not dependent on having a Platform running.

The Platform server process is started by entering the following in the shell:

mzsh <username>/<password> startup platform

The following text will appear:

Starting platform...done.

If mzsh is entered while the platform is running, mzsh will become a pico instance, with the ability to manage the system processes. For further information about Pico Clients, see the Desktop User's Guide.

Using commands downloaded from Platform requires that the user is logged in. For further information about the Platform, see the System Administrator's Guide.

$ mzsh mzadmin/<password> startup platform

For example, if the platform has already been started, the following command:

$ mzsh startup platform

This will generate the following message:

Platform is already running.

You can only use mzsh in non-interactive mode.


Some commands are only available when the Platform is running.

This chapter includes the following sections: